ATM for special needs at GDRFA Dubai in Al Jafliya . The ATM can be operated through voice-commands. Image Credit: GDRFA

Dubai: The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has inaugurated an automated teller machine (ATM) for people of determination to enjoy banking services.

Maj Gen Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, Director General of the GDRFA Dubai, witnessed the launch of the new ATM in Al Jafliya.

GDRFA became the first government entity in Dubai to introduce the new service, which is designed to help the blind and those in wheelchairs.

“The new initiative came in line with the country’s strategy to empower people of determination,” said Maj Gen Al Merri. “It is part of transforming Dubai to a people of determination friendly city by 2020. They are part of the society and in GDRFA, we make sure they have best services,” he added.

The ATM provides four key services for people of determination, such as, the withdrawal of cash, checking on balance, issuing a statement and changing the pin code.

The ATM has a voice-command and provides banking services for all members of society.

Mohammad Abdullah, CEO of Sharjah Islamic Bank, said that the ATM could be used by everyone. “I feel proud to inaugurate the ATM which will help the blind and those in wheelchairs. We have three similar ATMs and it provides people of determination with the necessary services to let them use banking services in easy way,” he said.

The ATM took into consideration all banking and safety requirements of wheelchair users from the height of the ATM, space and slope of the ramp and ease of accessibility and ease of use.