The lake in International City is seeping onto the roads, according to Gulf News reader Kuraisha Khalid. She said: "[It] seeps through the cracks in the concrete walls..." Image Credit: Kuraisha Khalid,

 International City is supposed to be a beautiful place, with a body of water within called Al Warsan Lake.

The flora, marine life and birds contribute to the rich atmosphere and would make a great scene for photographers.

However, Al Warsan Lake is now becoming a threat to roads, the roundabouts and surrounding buildings — especially the Morocco and Greece cluster.

Much of the water flows over the banks and seeps through cracks in the concrete walls to flood the streets.

The great lake has become an eyesore to every passer-by and has increased the mosquito and reptile population.

Also, the summer heat has not been able to get rid of the water for more than a month now.

It flows regularly onto the roads.

There has been no action from the concerned authorities to stop this overflow either.

I urge Gulf News to kindly bring this issue to the notice of the authorities so that the situation can be rectified immediately.


— The reader is a homemaker, based in Dubai