Ajman Police officers with the elderly man. Image Credit: Ajman Police

Ajman: An elderly Arab man, who lost his way to his family’s house in Al Naimyah area in Ajman, has been reunited with his family by Ajman Police.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Abdullah Bushehab, head of the comprehensive Nuaimiyah Police Station, said the incident came to light when police patrols on duty saw the man wandering alone on the streets. Police noticed that the elderly man looked exhausted and confused. Police then approached him and offered to help.

The old man told police that after he left the house he failed to figure out the name of the street leading to his family’s house. He was taken to police the station, where the officers looked after him as they sought to track his family down.

Finding the family

The police soon managed to identify the man’s family and located their place of residence. The officers then escorted him back to his family. The police asked the family to take care of their father and not let him to be left out alone.The elderly man’s family thanked the police for the care and assistance they provided to their father.

Ajman Police appealed to all community members and families to pay close attention to their aged parents, especially when they are out of the house and urged them to never leave their elderly parents alone under any circumstances.