Unshackled (Oil on canvas) Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Campaigns to help conserve wildlife come in many forms, but an ongoing exhibition in Dubai is adding more colour to the cause by conveying the message through powerful, lifelike artworks.

Visiting Indian wildlife and landscape artist Sushma Jain, who is displaying her oils at World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre till April 6, told Gulf News: “With the love for wild animals that I try to convey in my paintings, I hope to sensitise people about wildlife conservation and protection.

Inside the Silence (oil on canvas)
April 6, 2019: Last day
World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre is open till April 6, Saturday

"For me painting animals is much more than an artist putting colours on canvas. I’ve always loved them and that inspires me to paint them. In my paintings they come to life, and I feel a special connection with them.”

The 60-year-old said: “When someone sees my painting, they will feel the same love for the animals as I do. When someone appreciates them, they will surely take steps to protect them.”

Sushma Jain

Jain said nature and animals have always fascinated her.

She said: “Usually people like domestic animals. But I see wildlife animals, and I fall in love with them. I once painted a tiger drinking water, and while painting I felt such a close connection with him, as if he was telling me not to part with him. I paint animals from my heart and want them to be a part of my life. This emotion shows on canvas.”

Crossing Boundaries (oil on canvas)

She said her work gives her an opportunity to present beautiful wild animals in their natural, safe environment, just like unspoilt landscapes, which again drive home the point that people need to be conscious about their natural resources.

Where Love Begins (oil on canvas)

Jain, who has painted a variety of wildlife including falcons and camels typical of this region, said: “I’ve been wanting to showcase my work in Dubai for its rich culture and heritage.

This is my first time exhibiting at World Art Dubai. I have many fond memories of Dubai during my trips here with my family. The desert safari, the adorable camels, the mighty falcon, all hold a special place in my heart.”

A Road less travelled (oil on canvas)

She said the message she wished to convey through her works is simple: “Stop killing something so beautiful. No matter how much money you have and how many possessions you own, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure.”

Jain, who held her first solo exhibition at the behest of her close friend Nita Ambani, wife of Indian business magnate Mukesh Ambani, in Mumbai, is acclaimed for her canvasses of tigers, camels and polar bears which have been described as “springing to life as loners, lovers and figurines of inspiration”.