The director general of police (DGP) confirms the death of actress Pratyusha is a case of suicide, but the city commissioner of police says nothing can be said until the final forensic report is received.

The police themselves floated theories about a possible rape and murder and then scotched them and, as a result, the death of actress Pratyusha continues to remain a puzzle.

Forensic doctors at the Gandhi Hospital say death was due to asphyxia, while the forensic science laboratory says Pratyusha died due to organo-phosphorous poisoning.

And despite knowing it was a medico-legal case, the Care Hospital management did not inform the police after Pratyusha and her boyfriend Siddartha Reddy, the son of an influential contractor in Hyderabad, were admitted on February 23.

The police were informed only after Pratyusha died at 11.45 am on February 24, ending any chance of the police recording a dying declaration from the actress.

Some days later, Care issued a media statement on their admission to the hospital and the treatment given, but remained silent on its failure to inform the police.

"She developed bradycardia (lowered heart rate), fall of blood pressure and cardiac arrest. She was given cardio-pulmonary resuscitation including shocks. In spite of all measures, Pratyusha could not be revived. Siddartha is still on mechanical ventilatory support," Dr P. Krishnam Raju, director, medical and hospital services, said.

Sources said the police did not show interest in tracking down the movements of the two on the evening of February 23.

They say there are several unanswered questions. Pratyusha is believed to have gone to a beauty parlour between 5 and 6 pm from where Siddhartha picked her up.

Where did they go from there? Whom did they last meet? Is it true they met the sons of two ministers that evening? Who were these men? Were they friends of Siddhartha? If the version of Pratyusha's mother, Sarojini, is to be believed, her daughter responded and recognised her when she looked through the glass door of the ICU, how would the police explain the asphyxia angle? If she really died due to "pressure over neck," when did it happen?

The haste with which the DGP issued a statement confirming the death was only a case of suicide has raised many eyebrows.

The forensic lab can only indicate whether any poison content was found in the viscera.

The asyphxia and pressure over neck argument cannot be ruled out straight away, noted a senior doctor at the Osmania Hospital, disagreeing with the stand taken by the DGP office and the forensic lab.

Later, the city police commissioner, M.V. Krishna Rao, reacted cautiously. He said that the case was still open for investigation.

"The forensic lab will send its report to the doctor who conducted the postmortem who, in turn, is expected to give a final report in a day or two."