Stock Abu Dhabi skyline
Abu Dhabi city skyline: All travellers to Abu Dhabi are now required to disclose their date of entry into the UAE at the border check points as part of the COVID-19 restrictions.. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: All residents and visitors entering Abu Dhabi must declare their date of entry into the country, both at ports and all designated border checkpoints while entering the emirate. This disclosure is a requirement to implement the quarantine guidelines for international travellers to Abu Dhabi, the Committee said on its social media platforms.

“The Abu Dhabi Crisis, Emergency and Disasters Committee requires international travellers to Abu Dhabi to disclose the date of entry into the [UAE] at checkpoints designated for international travellers at all ports, and to adhere to approved quarantine guidelines,” the Committee announced on Monday.

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Abu Dhabi has had entry restrictions in place since May, with every individual having to prove negative COVID-19 status in order to gain entry. In addition, all international travellers must undergo 14 days’ quarantine once they return to Abu Dhabi.

The Committee also added that “Violating these procedures will result in penalties and fines, as outlined by the Attorney General”.