Abu Dhabi motorists urged to drive carefully near two partial road closures over the weekend. Image Credit:

Abu Dhabi: Motorists must drive carefully to ensure safety around two partial road closures over the weekend, Abu Dhabi Emirate’s public transport regulator has urged.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has announced that the left lane in the underpass before Maqta Bridge towards Al Mafraq will be closed from 12:30am on Friday, October 8 until 12pm on Saturday, October 9.

In addition, three left lanes on Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road (E10) in the direction of Abu Dhabi will be closed from midnight on Friday, October 8 until 6am on Saturday, October 9.

The ITC has therefore called upon motorists to drive cautiously in these stretches of the road, and to abide by all traffic regulations.