After its debut in Dubai, the Virgin Megastore opened in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Three more outlets of the music and entertainment retailer will be opened in the UAE and five across the GCC within two years.

As part of the expansion strategy, one store each will spring up in Jordan and Egypt. "We will stir the market in the Gulf and Middle East by bringing the latest in music," said Jean Claude, marketing manager, Virgin Megastore. V Star Multimedia is the Gulf franchisee.

An investment of $2 million plus has been made in the UAE thus far, he said after the grand opening of the megastore.

"We have one in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi now. Within two years we plan to open three more in the UAE and move fast across the GCC," he said.

"Although car sales are higher than sales of CDs currently, we will change that by bringing all kinds of latest music in the Arab world," Jean Claude added.