Image Credit: Wikimedia/Croatia

With the long weekend recently announced, now is the perfect time to book a last-minute getaway! Whether its strolling through Dubrovnik’s Old Town World Heritage Site or uncovering the world’s most unique coral gardens in the Maldives, a spontaneous September adventure is just a few clicks away.  tajawal, the Middle East-based online flight and hotel booking platform, is offering a range of holiday packages to suit every traveller!

Explore Lebanon’s iconic city - Beirut

Just under a four-hour flight away, travellers can experience the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ with a trip to Beirut. With its diverse culture and attractions, not forgetting the delicious Lebanese cuisine, it is the perfect destination for a long weekend adventure. Packages start from Dh2,153 per person which includes two nights in Beirut, return flights, a half-day private tour in the city, daily breakfast and airport transfers.

A visit to the tropical paradise – the Maldives

The Maldives boasts beautiful white sandy beaches and dazzling underwater coral gardens, all of which are home to three quarters of the world’s reef fish. Just over a four-hour flight, it is the perfect destination for an aquatic getaway. Packages start from Dh3,484 and include a three-night stay, return flights, daily breakfast and airport transfers.

Weekend adventure in Baku - Azerbaijan

Home to ancient architecture and  natural wonders, the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, has so much to offer tourists. Travellers can learn about the local culture and visit the natural bubbling mud volcanoes and eternal flames. Packages start from Dh1,222 and include a three-night stay, return flights and daily breakfast.

Weekend adventures in Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik in Croatia is one of the most enchanting towns in the Mediterranean and visitors will be able to explore its upper and lower towns which are filled with rich history and exceptionally preserved architecture. Whether its strolling through the vast museums and galleries or enjoying its picture-perfect landscape, Croatia is the ideal destination for those looking for a last-minute getaway. Packages start from Dh2,888 and include a two-night stay, return flights and daily breakfast.

Uncover the wonders of Yerevan - Armenia

Travellers looking for an authentic cultural experience should head to the vibrant city of Yerevan in Armenia. Adventure seekers will be able to uncover the world’s best-preserved Silk Road caravanserais, centuries old top monasteries and exceptional local cuisine. Packages start from Dh1,678 and include a three-night stay, return flights and daily breakfast.