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All of us are well aware that the National Day weekend (November 30 to December 2) is the last long one in this year of long weekends, which means, this is also your last chance for a short getaway before the festive season starts. 

We have included one National Day deal and two travel ideas of our own to make this long weekend count for you travel wise. Please note that the stay rates are based on budget rentals or low-cost and well rated hotels.

Bali, Indonesia 

Right now might be the best time to get to this quirky island as it is low season. The trip from Dubai to Bali, however, could cost you a fortune. A pro-tip is to travel to South India (Cochin), and then onwards to Bali - spending almost half of what you would pay for a direct flight from Dubai. You could find high-rated vacation rentals on Airbnb for as low as US$25 per night (Dh91.75 approximately) for an entire studio or a private bedroom. We recommend dividing your time between Ubud (paddy fields and typically Bali) and Seminyak (beaches and parties).

Return flights From Dh1500 per person (long route) Stay From Dh100 per night for two people Conservative total budget estimate Dh2000 per person for three days


Turkey is a great destination to visit from the UAE - because of its proximity, as well as the diverse cultural and geographical offering of the country. Whether it's the beautiful Istanbul with architecture and history from another era, or the white springs of Pamukkale, the country is amazing for short trips. A pro-tip for National Day weekend - fly out on November 29 or 30, as tickets on November 31 and December 1 are expensive.


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Return flights From Dh1500 per person Stay From Dh150 per night for two people Conservative total budget estimate Dh3000 per person for three days

Deal: Salalah, Oman

This National Day special deal is great, especially if you don't want the road trip to Oman taking up a lot of time during the weekend. Inclusive of direct flights, stay and daily breakfast along with free travel insurance and a helpful guide, this is a bargain for three nights. You can only use it to travel between November 30 and December 3. In any case, get to know all the terms and conditions from a customer care representative before booking, including caveats on flight times or days, hotel terms and return dates as well.


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However, if there are more than two people travelling, finding a place to stay on your own and then booking flights may be more budget-friendly than the package rate per person. Check both options before booking. 

Package deal inclusive of flights, stay, daily breakfast, travel insurance Dh1,599 to Dh1,999 per person for three nights (depending on hotel chosen) | Holiday Factory

London, England

London is a bit of an unexpected trip for National Day. But this time of the year is perfect, if you want to experience a change in weather and of course, festive season in the greatest city on earth. 

Most of the time people don't think "Budget" when they think about London. But if you book today you can find flights starting from Dh1,291. You can choose to stay in Central London for a steeper price, which might cost you around Dh800 to Dh1,000 for 3 to 4 nights if you share the hotel room with a friend. Check out online booking sites to find the cheapest option.

Return flights From Dh1,300 per person Stay From Dh400 per night for two people in a three star hotel in Central London Conservative total budget estimate Dh3,500 per person for four days