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What new utility can robots of the future help with? Image Credit: Expo 2020

We have made such advances across specialisations, especially in understanding the algorithms inspired by the human brain, the body, and other organisms. These studies enable us to deploy innovations that earlier were found only within the realms of science fiction.

We see many of these erstwhile scientific fantasies carry out tasks in elaborate or mundane manners, and which take us closer to the thresholds of artificial intelligence. The focus then should be in harnessing these technologies to serve us and the environment, enhance economies, and solve the perpetuating concerns about drought and extreme poverty.

This is where the uses of robots are endless. They can work day and night without getting tired or bored. They can wash, sweep, farm, harvest, dig wells, expand watercourses - and even desalinate them - while moving from one place to another. Robots will not be a substitute for humans, but about enhancing the ways of life.

A thousand years ago, there was no mention of technology, and there was no single technician. Today, we see the financial muscle of technology companies reach the size of some national economies. Jobs will enter a new cycle with concepts and demands that serve the revised needs of economies. Some things will become more logical, such as the presence of security robots that roam day and night working under the command of humans. These systems can now distinguish violation of laws, help with accident recovery, and even firefighting.

Expo bots

The experience at the Expo of robots like Opti can greet visitors, entertain with dance moves, and even crack jokes. The Patrol robots is to protect and monitor the Expo site. Equipped with an HD facial recognition camera, a real-time thermal camera, and an SOS button, these robots were on 24-hour duty to remind visitors of safe practices such as social distancing. The high-performance mobile platform can also use voice recognition to respond to questions and deliver emergency announcements.

As for the food delivery bot, it helped address several logistical issues in a safe, secure, and seamless manner. They also had password-secured compartments to enable several deliveries in a single trip, and users were able to unlock them either by using QR codes or order IDs.

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Image Credit: Expo 2020

Today, there are many models of babysitting robots, telling them stories, teaching and playing with them, comforting them and walking with them wherever they go. It is nice that these robots come in various shapes, sizes, and countless specifications. Some are in the form of a human, and others in the shape of a dog that carry advanced devices on its back for multiple uses.

Deploy their utility

Other forms include the UFO, which sweeps and cleans the house and sterilizes it, then returns to base to empty the dirt. It completes the full cycle using advanced 3D lidar devices that recognize the surrounding areas and accurately determine its location.

Among the examples of robots are the drones that form brilliant airshows and fly in pursuit of their owners, avoiding every barrier and recognizing him. We need to learn their security vulnerabilities and ensure that these systems are from reputable institutions that take care of information and systems security.

There are many courses to learn to programme robots, control them, and even create them. It is necessary to prepare a generation that adopts technology throughout regardless of specialization.