MATCHSPOT association with Gulf News Padel Masters is a promise to create a quality tournament. Image Credit: Supplied

MATCHSPOT is one of the fastest growing padel event organiser in the UAE with a rapidly rising digital and social media presence. MATCHSPOT was established to organise sports events and specifically padel. Services include organising sports tournaments, padel matchmaking, sports clinic sessions and training camps.

MATCHSPOT’s mission is to promote the sport in the best possible way and to create the best events, tournaments and clinics while having the facilities, sponsors and the community to have the best experience possible.

Abdelaziz Aljasmi, Founder/CEO, MATCHSPOT

“MATCHSPOT was established 2019 as a leading padel tournament organiser in the region. We have organised and promoted many tournaments. Our tournaments are organised keeping all Covid regulations in place. We emphasise on creating a competitive environment without compromising on sportsmanship and diversity. Rules and formats are established prior to the tournament to avoid any conflicts and create a positive atmosphere. We are proud to join hands with Gulf News to promote padel and the first annual Padel Masters and we hope to deliver the highest standards,” said Abdelaziz Aljasmi, Founder/CEO MATCHSPOT.

The launch of their new logo is part of their ongoing evolution and growth in the padel community. In addition, this change symbolises their strong current presence in the market and dynamic future.

MATCHSPOT association with Gulf News Padel Masters is a promise to create a quality tournament and spread awareness among the Gulf New subscribers and the community as a whole.