Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammad presided over the Dubai Sports Council Board meeting on Thursday.  Courtesy: DSC
Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammad presided over the Dubai Sports Council Board meeting on Thursday Image Credit: DSC

Dubai: Shaikh Mansoor Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the new Chairman of Dubai Sports Council (DSC), has stressed the need for Dubai’s sports sector to keep pace with all-round development in the Emirate while tapping sport’s capacity to change life.

Presiding over his first meeting of the DSC Board of Directors since taking over as Chairman earlier this month, Shaikh Mansoor also stressed on the importance of building on the achievements of the previous period by keeping abreast with the latest developments in the sports sector around the globe, while embracing innovation and technology and preparing effective strategic plans.

“Decisions made during this hugely successful past phase will be our guiding principles as we continue the process of development of this vital sector by adopting global best practises, drafting decrees and resolutions for the benefit of the sports industry, and encouraging every segment of our community to embrace sports, especially aspiring youngsters who will go on to fly our beloved country’s flag at international sports championships in the future,” Shaikh Mansoor noted.

“Sport should be an integral and essential part of life, and we will work together to make Dubai a land of talent and opportunities, a meeting place for champion athletes, and a model for quality of life,” he stressed.

Shaikh Mansoor urged the Board to increase the pace of their work and focus on supporting the leadership’s strategic plans and vision for the country, and on achieving the six strategic objectives of the Council, namely motivating every segment of Dubai’s diverse community to embrace sports as part of their daily lifestyle; nurturing aspiring young athletes, and supporting and encouraging their bid for success on the international stage.

Stressing on the necessity of governance in the sports sector, Shaikh Mansoor said: “Good governance is not just a slogan, but an approach and a system that is the foundation for success. Good governance is the basis for all success because it puts proper procedures and systems in place, selects and nurtures talent, encourages leadership and transparency, and optimises resources.”

Shaikh Mansoor also outlined the directions of work for the next stage, that includes:

Developing the system of work at clubs in accordance with international best practices, turning Dubai clubs into incubators and a hub for sporting talents and producing champions.

— Forming teams for eSports and electronic games, and supporting the organisation of championships and events for modern sports.

— Activating partnerships with the private sector, and investing in sports events and clubs to enhance the role of sport in the GDP.

— Invest in strengthening relationships with international sports institutions and federations by hosting their regional headquarters, and championships, and supporting national competencies to obtain their membership.

— Increasing interest in heritage sports, especially marine sports, with the ancestral heritage it carries.

— Establishing a global sports summit in partnership with an international sports organisation or institution, where every country will be represented.

Last year, Dubai hosted 405 sports events, including 85 international events, 137 local events, 116 community sports events, and 22 events exclusively for women. More than 950 thousand athletes took part in these events and approximately 2.8 million spectators attended the events.