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General Authority of Sports, National Olympic Academy and the UAE Centre for Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine officials at the signing of the new programme. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The UAE Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Center has launched two new diploma programmes to foster and empower the sports sector by nurturing athletes in technical and administrative fields.

The announcement was made at a press conference held at the General Authority of Sports, which was attended by Saeed Abdul Ghaffar, Secretary-General of the General Authority for Sports, as well as administrative officials from the Authority, the National Olympic Academy, and the UAE Centre for Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine.

The revelation came in accordance with the recently signed MoU between GAS, the National Olympic Academy, and the UAE Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Centre. The agreement aims to promote collaboration in advancing the administrative work while boosting the sports industry. This collaboration has been further enhanced by launching the Future Sports Management Programme, besides developing the technical capacities of sports cadres through the Comprehensive Sports Training Programme. The General Authority of Sports will further offer accredited vocational diploma certificates in sports sciences for the two programmes’ graduates.

Qualitative leap

Saeed Abdul Ghaffar said: “Launching the new two programmes demonstrates the commitment of the Authority and its partners to make available the best means for the sports sector’s development, in accordance with governmental directives and the Sports Sector Strategy 2032, which aims to promote the sector’s governance and create a new generation of athletic leaders. We also look forward to keeping pace with the technological and scientific development of the UAE in various fields, and preparing new cadres capable of making a qualitative leap in the sports sector.”

Mohammed Bin Darwish, Executive Director of the National Olympic Committee, said: “The Academy is eager to strengthen ties with other institutions in the sports industry in order to give sports cadres the greatest technical and managerial training possible. These initiatives are the first of their kind in the UAE, and we are eager to see how they prepare individuals for the future by incorporating the best international practices and studies.”