Nicolo Di San Germano. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/ Gulf News

Sharjah: H2O Racing founder Nicolo di San Germano just could not ignore what he saw when he visited Burkina Faso a couple of years back. Last year, San Germano started his ‘H2O Racing 4 Africa’ fund-raising campaign that now brings together the F1 powerboating community in providing water for the people of Africa.

“I just couldn’t forget the picture of people walking miles to just fetch one container of water. I saw what a privileged life we live when compared to what these people have to go through,” San Germano told Gulf News.

Last year, H2O Racing built a well in the Fer El village of Gorom Municipality in landlocked Burkina Faso, West Africa. “To all of us from the F1 family this means we can make a huge difference in the lives of these people who do not have access to basics like water. We are convinced that we can make a difference to anyone anywhere in the world while using of our sport as a medium of change,” he added.