This weekend's Virtual Run and Ramadan Mubarak Challenge are among the handful of virtual events being staged by the Dubai Sports Council to conclude the fasting month.
This weekend's Virtual Run and Ramadan Mubarak Challenge are among the handful of virtual events being staged by the Dubai Sports Council to conclude the fasting month. Image Credit: DSC

Dubai: With traditional sports still waiting for a greenlight to resume normal service following the precautionary measures put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has continued to bring a diverse mix of virtual events for sports enthusiasts in Dubai and beyond.

With the month of May drawing towards a close, there are an additional seven sports events on the calendar, and enthusiasts will be able to choose from two virtual running events on Friday — the Skechers Virtual Run and the second episode of the Ramadan Mubarak Challenge — alongside a number of eSports contests.

The Skechers Virtual Run, organised by Super Sports Academy in collaboration with DSC, is open to participants of all ages and abilities, and they can choose from five different distances — 1km, 2.5km, 5km, 10km and unlimited distance.

Participants can run at any time as the event takes place across the day, and they can make use of indoor and outdoor space in and around their home and community, with the real challenge being to design and create a fun course.

Registration is free, through and is open until 11.59pm on May 21. Participants can upload videos of their run to their Instagram page and tag #SkechersVirtualRun with their run data, photos and videos to win vouchers.

The Ramadan Mubarak Challenge, which had its first race on May 15, is a virtual running event in which all the members of the house can participate, with four different categories to choose from — 10km for male and female, 5km for male and female, 2.5km for kids aged 12-16, and a race for kids under-12.

Anyone can take part in the race, and they can use their home fitness equipment like a treadmill or even run outdoors if it is permitted and safe. The Ramadan Mubarak Challenge will start from 9am on Friday morning and continue until 9am the following day.

Away from the virtual running, Jam Sports Academy have organised an online basketball tournament in partnership with DSC — the Dubai Sports Council Online Basketball Tournament — taking place from May 27-31. The event will see 64 players of 17 nationalities — UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, France, Spain, Germany, Comoros, Holland, Denmark, Canada, England, Portugal, India and Pakistan — battle out for the top two places on their PlayStation 4.

There are three other eSports events on the list as well. The Battle of Gamers, which started on May 14, will reach its finale on May 21, while the Gamefinder Call of Duty — Modern Warfare, a 4 Vs 4 contest with international rules and standards, will finish on Friday after three exciting days of competition. The Omen Gaming Challenge, which started on May 7, will reach its finale on May 30.

The monthlong ‘Step Around the World’, meanwhile, will come to a close on May 31. The event has been organised to support the front-line workers trying to protect the community from COVID-19. The aim of the event is to achieve 50 Million steps, which is to cover the earth’s circumference of 40,075km, and dedicate it to these front-line workers. Participants can simply walk and submit the number of steps in an online form.

Dubai Sports Council has been encouraging sports event organisers in the Emirate to embrace the world of virtual sports and e-sports, and come up with innovative solutions to keep members of the community engaged in physical activity at home in the current circumstances.