Swimming pools or watersport activities in Dubai are still not permitted as per the new guidelines. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Dubai: A spokesperson of the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) said that only the business-end of sport and allied activities will be allowed to partly function within the emirate, provided they fulfill all the pre-requisites laid down by the government.

The Government of Dubai has issued a 15-point advisory through the DSC that will allow the return of sports activities to the emirate through the re-opening of sports facilities. The list of requirements has been vetted by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management and the necessary precautionary measures in place for the protection of those re-starting sports activities in Dubai.

“All sports academies and businesses will be allowed to operate and function within Dubai with immediate effect, provided that all of them have fulfilled all the criteria laid down,” a top DSC official told Gulf News.

All the football, basketball, badminton, tennis academies, gymnasiums and fitness centres will be able to operate “at a maximum of 50 per cent of the facility’s normal capacity” and the added criteria of other normal protocols in place including social distancing, masks and use of sanitisers.

The DSC had requested all sports academies and institutions to be in a state of readiness for opening while carrying out the necessity formalities online through the official website (www.dubaisc.ae).

“So many of the academies and sports business bodies have already been preparing for this day (May 27), and the ultimate idea at all times will be to ensure that the players and those training are stay safe and keep others safe as well,” the DSC official stressed.


“For the time-being, we are yet to take a decision on the opening of swimming pools and other allied indoor watersport activity such as waterpolo or synchronised swimming,” he said.

“And for sure, there can be no competitive matches or sporting events organised as yet. At the moment we are in the third stage of opening out and many of the other activities will be attended to during the next stage at a later date,” the official said.

“There will be surprise inspections and the fines will be high. So I would urge all sports bodies to take note of this,” the DSC official added.

Dos and don’ts

Only those between 12 and 60 years allowed to practice sport

Permanent and approved sterilisation programme in place needed

Only 50 per cent of normal capacity to be operational

Sauna, Jacuzzi, showers, locker rooms, changing rooms and waiting areas to be all non-operational

Masks compulsory at all times

Swimming pools and indoor aquatic centres not open yet

All details to be first registered at: https://www.dubaisc.ae/SportsPermitUnderCovid19

Further details from Adnene Al Ayouni (Adnene@dubaisc.ae or 04-5105760) for sports academies and Mohammad Al Karaki (alkaraki@dubaisc.ae or 04-5105575) for fitness centres.