Team Americana beat Al Saud Sharjah by 6 wickets in the cricket competition. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Sixth Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament, organized by the Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah, continued with the participation of about 2,000 players distributed over about 100 teams, competing on the sports fields of Sharjah National Park.

The fourth week saw strong competition, as 28 matches were played, in five sports; 8 football, 3 basketball, 4 volleyball, 6 cricket, and 7 hockey matches.

Player feedback

The fourth week’s competitions were attended by LSDA Chairman Salem Youssef Al Qaseer, who inspected the sports fields and met with organizers and players to get their feedback. He expressed satisfaction over the technical and organizational levels of the tournament in its fourth week, urging all to exert their best to match the excellent level and reputation of the Emirate of Sharjah in organizing and hosting sports events.

The 8 strong football matches resulted in the winning of Sharjah Police team over Sharjah Immigration 1-0, Friends team over Al Hassan FC 3-2. Grainta team defeated Hasan Malatem team 2-1, and Sharjah Co-op team defeated Chadian Community 2-1. Fast Contracting team beat Americana 6-1 and Smart Alert beat Al Hilal 4-0. Black Phone team defeated Al Haiba Real Estate 2-1, and On Plan Real Estate team defeated Al Hijl team 6-0.

Basketball competitions resulted in the victory of GMG team over Friends 40-35 and Fast team over Old Gun 20-0. The UAS team defeated Sharjah Co-op 53-47. In volleyball competitions, Saned team defeated Beach Orange team 2-0, and Friends team beat Bee’a Turq 2-0. Club Dunes defeated Sharjah Airport 2-0, and the same team, Club Dunes, beat Bee’ah Orange 2-0.

Six-wicket win

In the cricket competitions, the fourth round matches resulted in the victory of Team Americana team over Al Saud Sharjah by 6 wickets, Falcon Gallery team over HMS Hospital Dubai team 46 runs, and Abonmed team over ES Global Rack 36 runs. RAK Wings team defeated Sharjah Airport team 28 runs, ES Global RAK team defeated Sharjah Co-op 13 runs, and Global Link West Star team defeated Saned 12 runs.

On the hockey competitions, the 7 strong matches resulted in the Sharjah Police Hockey team defeating Toba Tiger Hockey 3-0, Sharjah Municipality team tied with Sri loin team 1-1, Sharjah Police team won over Accipiter Hockey 1-0, Scarlett beat Khalifa Hockey 2-0. Sharjah Municipality team defeated Accipiter 4-2, Scarlet Hockey Club defeated Toba Tiger Hockey 2-1, and Scarlet Hockey team defeated Sharjah Police team 4-2.