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Simona Halep will miss the rest of the season as she is undergoing surgery on her nose. Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

London: Former world number one Simona Halep will not play against this season after having surgery on her nose.

The 30-year-old Romanian, twice a Grand Slam champion, said she had undergone surgery for functional and aesthetic reasons after suffering with breathing difficulties.

“I could never do it before because I never found the necessary three months for the recovery,” she posted on Twitter alongside a photo of her with a bandaged nose.

Right time

“I felt like it was the right time to do it and also to do something for me as a person. That is why I also did the aesthetic part, that I wanted to do for a long time as I did not like my nose at all.

“I know many of you can understand me.” Halep said she did not know how long she would be out.

“I am not thinking of anything else but recovery,” she said. “What is sure is won’t compete again this year.” Halep, the 2019 Wimbledon champion, previously underwent breast reduction surgery as a teenager.