Woman football player
A football player punched her dislocated knee in place Image Credit: Twitter

A Scottish football player, Jane O’Toole, dislocated her right knee while playing and punched it several times to put it back into place only to continue the game and people are in awe.

The video emerged on social media as people commended her for her dedication to the sport.

O’Toole plays for the St Mirren Women's Team and she was playing a match against Inverness Caledonian Thistle when the incident occurred on February 16.

A clip shows her bumping into another player before tumbling over. Her knee looks visibly dislocated. Without a second thought, O’Toole punches it several times in hopes of putting it back into to place.

Her team, @stmirrenwfc, posted about the incident on Twitter: “Our captain Jane O'Toole, is made of tough stuff. Just look at how she dealt with dislocating her knee during our recent game at Inverness.... you can't put a good woman down - she got back up and played the full 90 minutes.”

The video went viral online with people praising the player.

Tweep @dan_francis83 wrote: “I saw a video of female professional footballer dislocate her knee cap and punch it back in herself! You see some of the premiership footballers get breathed on by an opponent and they go down like they’ve been shot and need to be rushed to A&E.”

Many found how O’Toole dealt with her injury inspiring.

A football fan, @Football_CFB, tweeted: “Women’s football and the players within it have exactly the same resilience and desire to win as men. This is absolutely incredible. I’d be screaming in pain if that was me! @stmirrenwfc’s Jane O’Toole is a warrior #Wow”

Remarkably, O’Toole finished out the match, playing the full 90 minutes. Despite O’Toole’s strong leadership, her team lost 7-0 to Inverness Caledonian Thistle.