Erik ten Hag
Under pressure... Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag faces a tough match against Liverpool tonight. Image Credit: Reuters

Manchester United’s new manager Erik ten Hag said he is confident he can restore the fortunes of the struggling Premier League side, despite having lost the first two games of the season, with arch rivals Liverpool up next.

England’s most successful club has failed to win a trophy in the past five years, and currently only West Ham United - who have played three, lost three - lie below United in the standings.

Despite the ignominious start, and club’s struggles to bring in several players that Ten Hag wants to strengthen his squad, the Dutchman insists he is undaunted by the magnitude of the task he faces.

'Restore the club'

“I am here to help the club and to restore the club,” Ten Hag told reporters ahead of tonight’s home game against a Liverpool side that has also got off to a stuttering start.

“I wanted this challenge. I knew before it was going to be hard but I wanted that, because in my career, everywhere I started, the start was difficult but I get it done, and I’m convinced I get it done here as well.

“Therefore I chose the project and I know it is a process. I will stay consistent to the plan, the philosophy we have. I have confidence in the co-operation I have with the players but also in the team around me, like the coaches and the directors.”

Extra training

United were beaten 4-0 by Brentford last week, and following the loss, Ten Hag cancelled a day off for the squad and scheduled an additional training session.

“I made that decision on Saturday. During the game when I saw the performance, that is not the standard for Manchester United and it is not my standard,” the Dutchman said.

“We have to change that and I have to teach the team and the players what that standard is.”