Brighton have scored some thrilling goals this season Image Credit: Reuters

Brighton and Hove Albion owner Tony Bloom said called for relegation from theEnglish Premier league to be scrapped if tghe season cannt be fully completed.

The English top flight football league nis on hold along with all major spoerts aroind the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic. Brighton are currently safe on on 29 points, two points above the relegation zone, however, Bloom does not think it is fair for teams to drop down if a campaign cannot be completed.

“I don’t foresee a situation, if the season’s not played out, that teams will get relegated on a points-per-game basis,” Bloom told the BBC.

“I just don’t think it’s fathomable that a team which is not allowed to play out the season may lose out on 0.2 points based on this system, and also it does not take into account the strength of the teams you have not played.”

The Premier League, like other leagues in Europe, has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are at least nine matches to be played by each club this season and a potential cut-off date of June 30 for the league to restart has been in the speculation.

“You may get a title winner, obviously Liverpool deserve it, you may use that criteria for European qualification but I do not see how anyone can vote for that, certainly the per cent needed (70 per cent), for teams to get relegated. I really cannot foresee that,” added Bloom.

West Ham United, Watford and Bournemouth are all on 27 points and are separated only by goal difference, putting Bournemouth at risk of being relegated if the current points table stands.