Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is having a torrid time on and off the field.
Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is having a torrid time on and off the field. Image Credit: Reuters

I almost spat out my coffee as I noticed Manchester United captain Harry Maguire claimed criticism of his club is often provoked by jealousy. Nope, you are just rubbish.

The man himself has played his part in spinning a team off the tracks into further turmoil with his assault-and-bribery occasion in Greece (where he should have known better), plus idiotic red cards for club and country (where he should have known better).

United eased the pressure on boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with a much-needed 3-1 win at Everton on Sunday. Solskjaer had been under fire after United’s spluttering start to the season hit a new low with a shock Champions League defeat at Istanbul Basaksehir in midweek. Start the inquest: Where were you Harry? Setting up a picnic at the opposite end with the guys you are meant to lead?

Maguire is a very lucky guy to even wear the red shirt - you look better in that black and white zebra shirt as it it is more fitting. But your comments are farcical.

There are many reasons Manchester United have won only three in seven in the EPL games this season. You are one of them, along with a many other liabilities in the team. If Bruno — guaranteed-diving-penalty — Fernandez didn’t play for the Old Trafford club, you would be in the bottom three.

During my coffee-spillage-saving moment, Maguire said: “We are the most talked-about club in the world. Why? Because we are the biggest club in the world. People don’t want us to do well. Why? Probably because of the success we’ve had in the past. We have to live up to that.”

Umm, then why don’t you live up to that, rather than live in the past?

Unless you are a United fan, his comments must raise a wry smile, because, regardless of your own team’s travails, you are either doing better than that ‘best team in the world’ who have not won a decent bit of silver in five years, or you are in the world of reality to accept you won't reach such realms.

Manchester United faded after Alex Ferguson left and to say they are the biggest club in the world is a joke. Manchester United are the most talked about — accepted — but for different reasons these years.

Harry. You sound like bad-loser Donald Trump, and no one wants to sound like that.