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Royal Challengers Bangalore's Mohammad Siraj celebrates a wicket in a match against Mumbai Indians. Image Credit: IPL Twitter

New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) pacer Mohammed Siraj opened up on online trolling and also shared his experience that one day he was projected as the “future of Indian bowling” and the other day was asked to “drive an auto”.

Siraj began his IPL 2023 well with an economical bowling display in RCB’s game against Mumbai Indians, where he dominated the MI batters with the new ball. He conceded 21 runs and picked up a wicket.

Sensational rise

Since his impressive performance in the Australia 2020/21 Test series, Mohammed Siraj has experienced a sensational rise, he also reached the top of the ODI bowlers’ rankings before the Australia series earlier this year.

Speaking on the latest episode of RCB podcast, Siraj said: “It is easy to write abuses. But you don’t know anything about his struggle. How can you abuse someone then? Those messages kill your motivation. A guy is getting abused for no reason at all. Why? What’s next?”

Treating with respect

“One day they call you the future of India, the next day they claim you are nothing and should drive an auto. I don’t understand this,” Siraj shared his experience with online trolling.

The fast bowler believes that facing challenges and setbacks is a normal part of life for everyone, and as human beings, the best thing we can do is treat each other with respect.

Plenty of struggle

“When you perform well, people start praising you so much, You are such a good bowler, next level. When I was retained, it was called as best retention. Now they question why I was retained? There was no need for you to be retained. You aren’t good enough to play cricket,” Siraj said.

“Thank you for all the support but don’t abuse anyone. Ups and downs are part of life. That’s all I can say. Rest is up to you. You are aware of our struggle still you behave like that with us. That doesn’t affect us much but as a human all I can ask from you is respect everyone,” he concluded.