India's Virat Kohli greets Pakistan players
India's Virat Kohli greets Pakistan players at the end of the World Cup match between them at Old Trafford in Manchester. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: The ICC Cricket World Cup may be nearing the half-way mark, but the weather and a majority of one-sided contests have prevented the tournament for really coming to life so far. Four matches have been rained away, while the India-Pakistan match at the Old Trafford on Sunday too ended on a farcical note thanks to the Duckworth-Lewis asking rate.

Gautam Bhattacharyya, Leslie Wilson Jr and A.K.S.Satish, members of the Gulf News Sports Desk take stock of the action so far in this edition of ‘Howzzat!’ and agree there is no reason to despair as a number of cracker of match-ups are coming up. England and Australia are facing off on June 25, followed by the hosts and India squaring off on June 30 as four semi-finalists’ spots will be lined up in the coming days!