Virat kohli
Former Indian skipper Virat Kohli is now back among the runs consistently, a trait that he had showed for many years. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

King Kohli is back in his rightful place. The talismanic batter stood tall again when wickets were falling in heaps to score his 32nd half-century and most importantly he got his confidence back. The calm demeanour, even when under pressure, portrayed a true picture that he has found peace with himself.

It’s not that he wasn’t, but that’s what it was made to look at in the last 12 months when critics even questioned his place in the team.

“I never really paid attention to these critics. Played 14 years and it doesn’t happen by chance. People have their opinion but that doesn’t change my happiness,” former Indian captain Kohli said, putting things in perspective during a post-match press conference.

Not the be all and end all

“Took time away and it’s given me the relaxation that it’s not be all and end all of life. I was able to find my excitement back and when I came here the environment in the team is amazing. I am loving playing at the moment all over again and feeling good in batting.”

There was a time when Kohli could not put any foot wrong. He was an indisputed leader and a run-machine, plundering runs at will irrespective of the opposition and across all format. His career tuned 360-degrees since late last year when his struggle for runs began.

Virat kohli1
Virat Kohli playing a backfoot cover drive during his 60 against Pakistan. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

It went on the tail-spin when his position in the team was questioned. While the media, public and several debates were analyzing his game, more of a criticism, Kohli remained unaffected. He kept doing what he does the best, practicing, fitness and spending time with his family.

The break he took before the Asia Cup has done him a world of good. Made him fresh and eager to perform.

“Kohli is coming back after the break, he has come back fresh and looking forward to play every game,” said Rahul Dravid. “He has spent some time in the middle and is playing really well, hope he could continue.”

It’s not Dravid alone who is hoping Kohli to continue his good run. The entire nation is awaiting his blade to slice the bowling attack.