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Netizens raised their voices against child abuse in Pakistan. The train disaster in India that killed dozens was also talked about online. Cricketer Virat Kohli was one of the biggest trends on Twitter after achieving a major milestone.


An 11-year-old’s battered and bruised face, shared on social media, shocked Pakistani Twitterati and got the attention of Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister as well as the army. With several accounts retweeting the girl’s face, #JusticeForKinza soon became one of the top trends on Twitter. Many users urged for strict action towards those who abuse children.


@EkDilha: Dear Ms Mazari, make this case an example for those who abuse children at home and then get released after signing an affidavit. Don’t take this case lightly. Hundreds of thousands of children are still working in people’s homes. You are a minister of New Pakistan, not the old one. #JusticeForKina

Train disaster

Around 60 people died when a train ploughed into a crowd of revellers watching a firework display in Amritsar, India. Dozens more were hurt in the accident and overwhelmed local hospitals ran out of space for the dead, forcing them to leave some bodies outside. Netizens questioned authorities over the incident.


@AskAnshul: Shocked to hear Train accident in Amritsar. Who were organizers? Who gave permission to hold celebrations near rail track? Did railways authority know about it? Why were People on railway track? What kind of management had Police, administration and Congress Punjab Government done?

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli became the fastest-ever batsman to reach 10,000 One-day International runs, making history in his 205th innings against the West Indies in Visakhapatnam. Cricket fans and social media users congratulated the player and appreciated that he achieved the title at a young age.


@kencokate: Incredible to see Virat Kohli reaching such an amazing milestone so fast. #Kohli10000


Online users reacted to the shocking news of World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) #RomanReigns giving up his claim to the Universal Championship title due to an ongoing fight against leukaemia. Fans tweeted their messages of support to the wrestler and remembered his achievements.


@Scott_Lamplugh: It doesn’t matter how successful or if you are at the top of your game the harsh reality of life is awful #Romanreings.

Deepika and Ranveer to wed

Famous Bollywood couple, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh announced that they will be getting married in November, 2018. The duo made the announcement through their official social media accounts on various online platforms. Fans and netizens congratulated the couple.


@VatsSharma0121: Such a wonderful and humble way of announcing the marriage giving respect to fans and acknowledging their affection. This is how it should be.... open and dignified.