I found the truth that no one can deny, it is the beauty of helping others. Do something for someone else, help them overcome their challenges. It is part of our human instincts that we should think of helping others, our conscience begs the question: To help or not to help?

There is a quote by George Washington that I like: “Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.” When someone follows his passion and tries his best to achieve his goals and dreams, it really is a good feeling that allows him to feel satisfied about himself, but you will be more than satisfied if you will help someone else to achieve his goals and dreams. The beauty of giving is one of the core values that people should make a habit. We can do much more if we avoid the rules of the jungle and think of doing good things for all mankind.

By giving to others, you save them. I am not talking about giving in terms of money or material goods, but morally. We are living in a materialistic world, but we are human no matter how strong we may seem, we are still so soft on the inside. We all need to be cared for or supported at some point in time. By giving to others you show them love and we really need it to fill our lives with hope and joy.

When you stand beside your friends and let them to be a better version of themselves and achieve their goals, you are saving them and yourself. People think that when they do something good for someone else that they are doing them a favour.

People can make a difference by helping and supporting others and you will share that happiness with others. You will change lives and keep your own as it is or make it even better. You will appreciate the joy that you caused yourself by giving to others.

The reader is an aid programming executive based in Abu Dhabi.