What is talent? Where can you find it? What talents do I have? These are some rhetorical questions, which I wonder about.

These questions go on to redefine a person and his ability. If he is able to answer these questions right and is able to discover his talent and portray it, then he goes on to succeed and achieve new feats people would have never dreamt of.

But on the other hand, if he feels pessimistic about himself, his talents and his abilities, then he fails to succeed.

The problem in most people is that they actually do not know their forte. Or if they ever come to know, the outside world barely gets to know about this. Why is that so? The answer is really simple, yet complex. The reason is confidence, or its lack thereof.

Confidence is an element that some people lack, quite a few fail to understand that when confidence joins hands with talent, they make a great team.

A person who you feel is talented is also confident as he or she is ready to undergo failures and negative reviews he or she may face when showcasing his or her talent. And that’s what one needs to get over, to show the world one’s capabilities.

It sounds simple but confidence comes hand in hand with things like courage, wisdom and risk-taking abilities. When these forces are activated within a person, it can make them great!

So, let’s activate the element of confidence, show the world our talent and change the world.

- The reader is a student based in Dubai.