Pollution is increasing all around the world, steps need to be taken to ensure we are being more eco-friendly Image Credit: Supplied

I am a student currently pursuing my studies in a UAE university. I would like to raise an issue regarding the excess use of electricity. I have been at university for the last two years and I have noticed that despite the UAE emphasising on creating a greener and sustainable future, the actions of people do not go hand in hand with what they are preaching.

The excess use of air conditioners is being misused. In my university, the weather outside has nothing to do with the temperature inside. In hot weather, they should use the air conditioning but up to a certain cut off. The classrooms are cold, but suddenly when you go outside, you are exposed to the heat of the sun. Our body temperature changes and this can affect a person’s health.

People don’t realise that in cold weather, they can save electricity. Air conditioners use Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are very harmful for the ozone layer and increases air pollution. We have a sustainability office in our university but what is the use of it when they are not taking into consideration these points? Instead, they should opt for more eco-friendly ways to cool the classrooms.

There is a course in my study plan called ecology, where we learn about how human beings are contributing global warming. I kindly request for some action to be taken in order to curb this issue. We are already living in a world that has been polluted, so why not bring out small changes to contribute to a better and safe future?

-The reader is a student in a Sharjah university.