Surprisingly, the provider is more in demand than the nurturer of a child. In some parts of the world, humans are disturbing the balance of Nature. God has created people to maintain the balance of life. Even our real-life success stories are dominated by male heroes. With the published motivational stories our children are forming the opinions that females hold a less important role. Here are some real-life narratives of barbaric sufferings of females. A girl in India was walking when all of a sudden an aged man in a bike threw acid on her face. It was a revenge attack because the girl had rejected his romantic advances. There was another story of a separated married couple where the husband, on the pretext of striking reconciliation, fixed up a meeting with his wife. In a fit of rage, he threw acid on her face. It was completely unexpected and the victim was left to deal with the aftermath. Now, we want to see a change in the mind-set of those who devalue the girl child. A woman is a wife, mother and sister and is expected to be a flawless member of the family. She dedicates her entire life to others, with no time left for her. They have to fight to get opportunities. I often hear people saying that a woman is a woman’s enemy. What if women support each other and tell each other that they aren’t alone? But now, the world has seen that women are not willing to settle for less anymore, and that’s a big difference. The provider is seeing women supporting each other. That’s why the #MeToo movement took place. The nurturer needs to be valued, loved and respected. She is the one who nurtures the next generation. The battle between the nurturer and the provider will end only if we value our responsibilities.

- The reader is a freelance writer based in Abu Dhabi.