Valentines day greeting card, gift box, red roses and champagne flutes on wooden table. Top view with copy space (Valentines day greeting card, gift box, red roses and champagne flutes on wooden table. Top view with copy space, ASCII, 113 components, Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Love is in the air, as it was Valentine’s Day, and this could be seen all over the city. No one was ready to be behind in this race. It felt like there was healthy competition going on everywhere. Advertisements were endorsed on a large scale and airlines, jewellery shops, newspapers, magazines, restaurants, gift shops, gyms or malls all had some offer pertaining to Valentine’s Day.

Now this has left me thinking, do we need only one day or a special day in a year to express our love? Will it prove our love and relationships? Will it make it stronger by spending all our time, energy and money buying flowers or chocolates? How many are genuine with their intentions?

According to me, love cannot be bound or expressed on a particular day. Love is a divine feeling. We need to feel and live with it, for it. It’s a lifetime of commitment, how can one day or a moment be enough to share and celebrate it? True love is not only gifts and dinner dates. Keeping the one you love happy is important in terms of security and respecting their needs and wishes. At the same time, how can we forget about those people who are single or heartbroken or alone? How must they be feeling? What would they be feeling when they see such kind of love displayed everywhere?

I would advise people to be happy. By being happy they can survive and conquer, not only this day, but their entire life. I know it’s easier said than done! Start believing that happiness starts within ourselves. The day we learn to love ourselves, we will be happy. Don’t spend money to impress people, when you don’t like it. It will surely reveal great rewards. Do not allow precious moments to pass by. Don’t let the charm and hype of Valentine’s Day make you feel bad. Be happy, because you are the greatest undiscovered adventure of your lifetime.

- The reader is a writer and former banker based in Abu Dhabi.