In the past, our world has been a victim of over thousands of natural disasters, which have caused devastating repercussions and crippled several cities. Notably, several nations such as India, Nepal, Japan and many more countries have suffered the most due to recurring natural disasters taking place. Today, the question of life stands at a critical point, as everyday people are instilled with fear within themselves, expecting or preparing for the most unexpected events to occur - the arrival and rise of natural disasters in our neighbourhood or city.

Recently, Kerala, also known as God’s own country, was hit by massive floods, which killed over thousands of people and destroyed property. The state suffered for several days and everything was at a standstill. Flights were cancelled and rescue operations were underway.

Besides the magnitude of destruction, several governments from various countries were set to donate funds for the relief and shelter of the Keralites. However, the Indian government had decided to reject all offers from international countries. They needed the money because the destruction caused by the floods were amounting to a lot.

Moving on from this disaster, Kerala seems to be slowly looking to find its feet again and are trying to get things back on track. The city is being rebuilt and people are stepping in from all around the world. To begin with, a bank adopted over 30 villages across the state and are providing a donation of over Rs10 crores (Dh5.13 million). They are vowing to stand with the people of Kerala during the current times of distress. Many celebrities have also donated money to help and have urged other people to do the same. Furthermore, another institution called the National Housing Bank had also ensured loans to people who are in need of rebuilding damaged or destroyed houses across the state.

Moreover, besides just helping people financially, several medical arrangements are also being undertaken at hospitals and volunteers are tending to those injured by the natural disaster. Doctors are being sent to flood-affected areas across the state.

Lastly, from this situation, we should take inspiration from how people suffer and survive such adversity. Moreover, we should also learn a valuable lesson from this story and how people come together to help others in times of need.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai