This was my first Ramadan that I am fasting for the whole month. It is first time I was attending my school and fasting at the same time and even at my young age, I understand how this month makes us better people and brings us closer to God. For this it will always be my favourite time of year.

This new experience has been difficult as Ramadan is during the summer months and the days are long. On the first day of my fast, I was feeling a little tired and thirsty since I had to attend to my schooling, but slowly I got adjusted to everything. For me, Ramadan is the most beautiful month of the year because when I fast and pray, it makes me feel very close to God. I feel this way because I am doing both for His sake. I believe that the more things you do for Him, the closer you will feel to Him. Because God is all merciful, all forgiving and all powerful, when you are closer to Him, you will feel his mercy, his forgiveness and his power in a way that makes you feel stronger.

Fasting at a young age like mine has been important to me. I’m 10 years old. When I completed my first full day of fasting at the age of seven that was the first time I felt like I had gotten a step closer to God. You feel at peace and, when you are at peace, you feel a stronger love towards everything you love. It’s hard to do sometimes and I get hungry, but I love being a part of Ramadan.

By seeing me fasting, my younger sister who is six years old also wanted to. She fasted for the first time when she had her holiday from school and she rejoiced in fasting for the first time.

Ramadan is a truly beautiful month. It’s a holy occasion and gives us many chances to grow. Now we are in the final days of Ramadan, and they are the most important.

For me, Ramadan is the best month of the year because it brings all closer to God, closer together as a community, it helps us grow stronger and it motivates us to do more good deeds.

The reader is a student based in Dubai.