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The world is going through deep sorrow as we are experiencing disruption on our economic, social and psychological lives which are caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Prior in December 2019, everything seemed fine and we followed a steady way to live our life.

All of a sudden everything has changed dramatically and the scenes that we are seeing and hearing about the pandemic around the globe are distressing and sadly to know that it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. It is normal to feel panicked and see the people around you are getting stressed and worried, but can we see some light at the end of the gloom tunnel. It is the time where positive psychology can do its magic on us.

If it is the first time for you to hear about positive psychology, then it is the right time to know more about this term as it is an area in the psychology field that aims to teach us on how we can flourish in our lives. Many scientific researchers defined positive psychology in many ways but let us share with you in this article the most familiar definition.

Practising positive psychology brings to our lives enormous benefits and that is what makes this field as necessary as any other fields, let us face it we achieve way better when we feel good about ourselves

- Asma Al Blooshi

Positive psychology is a scientific study of what makes life meaningful and purposeful. It refers to explore further about human behaviour, feelings and thoughts with paying great attention to the strengths rather than the weaknesses, focusing on the good things instead of the bad things. Positive psychology emphasises good events that occur in our lives that have positive impacts on us, including positive experiences such as happiness, inspiration, love and positive traits like resilience, gratitude, compassion.

UAE acknowledges the importance of positive psychology for the individual and society levels, therefore it established the National Program for Happiness and Well-being (NPHW) which encourage well-being as a way of life and it played a magnificent role during the COVID 19 crisis through various initiatives such as Be Well campaign.

In addition to that UAE University launched Emirates Center for Happiness Research which aims to contribute with NPHW mission by researching this arena and offer to the community professional programs to teach students, instructors, employees about positive psychology and how to practice it in their lives.

Flourishing and fulfilling lives

We are all into the aim of thriving our lives and the father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman and other psychologists founded this field as people want to have flourishing and fulfilling lives, to nurture what is the best within themselves and improve their life experience. Practising positive psychology brings to our lives enormous benefits and that is what makes this field as necessary as any other fields, let us face it we achieve way better when we feel good about ourselves.

Positive psychologist Martin Seligman outlined five elements which he believes can help us work towards a valuable life which is fulfilling and meaningful.

After all, by drawing attention on positive psychology that does not mean overlooking what is happening in the world and the changes that we are all experiencing. It is not about pretending that there is no pain and showing exceedingly optimistic perspective. Through positive psychology lens, we can somehow flourish during these challenging times, especially at this pandemic time when we see the global mental health is suffering.

Love Opinion family
Build a bond with your loved ones Image Credit: Gulf News


Stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues through virtual connection tools and remember it is the right time to be innovative and build a bond with your family members.

Nature gardening
Get involved in nature Image Credit: Gulf News


Spend some time with nature helps to restore yourself and heal you from stress and anxiety. When the last time did you watch the sunrise or sunset or hear the birds, it is the time to do so.

Relaxing Music
Be grateful in life Image Credit: Gulf News


Appreciate the small things and big things in your life. Take a moment and reflect on something that you already have and be grateful.

Do offer yourself some tenderness Image Credit: Gulf News


Be kind to yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your best friend rather than treating yourself with criticism when things do not go as perfect as you want it. Do offer yourself some tenderness.

Asma Al Blooshi is an expert in educational teaching and technology