If you are an adult who has experienced abuse as a child, know that you are not alone. Every eight minutes a child is raped and sexually assaulted. Ninety-three per cent know the perpetrators, many of whom are in the position of trust or have a relationship with the person being abused. No matter what the abuse is, it’s not your fault. It is the fault of society.

The rise in number of reported child rape cases and sexual abuse in India is so high it feels like we have a national emergency. A number of protests have erupted across India after a series of child rape cases have been reported. A report by activists say that a majority of the cases go unreported in India and culprits get away with their crimes. The activists accuse the authorities of failing to protect the children from these crimes. Each time a child is raped, India’s soul is raped and it’s our national duty to protect these innocent souls. India is slowly sliding towards the collapse of humanity, especially after the rape and killing of an eight-year-old girl from a nomadic Muslim community, earlier this year. Huge protests spread across the country which later turned out to be a religious battle ground. This battle to protect these innocent souls is going to get more violent because of the lack of reforms in the current system. It is up to us Indians to fight against these heinous crimes.

- The reader is a blogger and a writer