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‘It’s never too late for Trump to back off’

Occupied Jerusalem and Al Houthi militia in Yemen were the two topics that captured the attention of newspapers in the region

Image Credit: Bloomberg
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a national security strategy speech at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, Dec. 18, 2017. The national security strategy, a document mandated by Congress, will describe the Trump administration's approach to a range of global challenges including North Korea's nuclear program, international terrorism, Russian aggression and China's rising influence. Photographer: Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via Bloomberg
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The message of the historic and timely meeting of Jordan’s King Abdullah II with [occupied] Jerusalem Church leaders sends a clear and loud message to United States President Donald Trump as to where Muslims and Christians of [occupied] Jerusalem and beyond stand on the holy city, wrote the Jordan Times.

“The church leaders took turns in expressing their recognition and appreciation of this Hashemite status as the protector of the holy shrines in [occupied] East Jerusalem, and pledged to continue cooperation with King Abdullah to this end. This year’s event earned all the more importance in view of the fact that [occupied] Jerusalem and its fate has is centre stage in international and regional diplomacy in the wake of Trump’s recent declaration. It is never too late for the US president to back off from his ill-conceived position on [occupied] Jerusalem to save the region and the world from yet another major conflict in the Middle East.”

The statement announced after last week’s meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul deviated very little from previous statements, said Lebanon’s Daily Star. “The US considers condemnations and threats to take the matter to the United Nations as a joke, while Israel has already aired its scepticism. However, time is running out for [occupied] Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine unless these words turn into action. What Palestinians need is support and pressure from these countries. Lebanese President Michel Aoun hit the nail on the head when he asserted that prolonged silence, failure to act and conspiracy after conspiracy among regional states have allowed Israel to get away with murder. This is the time for us to hold it accountable — to the plethora of UN resolutions, if nothing else.”

The Yemen quagmire

With the assassination of Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al Houthis have opened the gates to hell with their own hands, said Kuwait’s Arab Times.

“The fall of Al Houthis was expected since the start of the coalition, as their actions were politically illogical. They had embarked upon a scheme to execute Iran’s agenda of expansionism. The fact is, reconciliation is currently in the offing. The evacuation of the diplomatic staff (even the allies) from Sana’a, including Iran and Russia, and closing down of offices of international relief organisations are all indications that everyone is convinced that killing one of the key options to a solution closes all doors to a settlement forever, and instead paves the way for military resolve. Nonetheless, no other military force can take up such a task except the national military forces and popular resistance with the help of the Arab coalition.”

The assassination of Saleh revealed the true criminal nature of the Iranian Al Houthi militias to the world, said the UAE’s Al Bayan. “Al Houthis have carried out acts of murder and abuse against the people of Sana’a, which led to the death of many women and children. Not only did they displace and terrorise Yemenis, but also international missions and their buildings in Sana’a.

“Al Houthis have also terrorised relief organisations who, as a result, had to evacuate their staff. It seems that Al Houthis are sensing that the end is near.”