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Global village reopening

Dubai's Global village is reopening (“Pictures: Global Village in Dubai Season 25, fresh attractions, sweeping COVID-19 precautions mark latest edition”, Gulf News, October 25). It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Catering to the global community, the village shows that Dubai loves and welcomes everyone. I visited Global Village when I was in the UAE. And, I am sure authorities are doing their best to curb the spread of coronavirus. I hope visitors obey the safety instructions issued by the UAE government.

From Mr K Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

US elections: Why Trump will win?

With US presidential elections due in the next few days, several pre-poll surveys have indicated that Joe Biden will win and President Trump will lose (“US Elections 2020: Trump’s only normal is chaos”, Gulf News, October 25). At this stage, one cannot be sure as to what the result of the Presidential election will be since many predictions have been proven wrong in the past.

If President Trump loses the election, it will be due to the sustained hate campaign against him by sections of the media and sworn critics. When Trump filed his nomination as the Republican candidate around four years back, the same press and critics started criticising him. They predicted that it would be a disaster for the US if Trump gets elected, even before he assumed office last time. A careful analysis of the Trump administration during the past four years would indicate that there is no case for him to get defeated in the current election. Trump implemented programmes to ensure the success of his “America first” policy. He has implemented the pre-poll promises reasonably well during the four years of his administration. Even if Trump were to lose, history would judge his overall administration well.

From Mr N S Venkataraman

Tamil Nadu, India

#Metoo awakening in Iran

The article about the 80-year-old internationally acclaimed artist, Aydin Aghdashloo, made for an alarming read (“A #Metoo awakening stirs in Iran”, Gulf News, October 24). How can the world deal with this menace and maniacs? Just because he had talent, fame, and success, he had thought he could get away with anything as he pleased. He had conducted himself in an ignoble manner. The way he had received a journalist Sara Omatali speaks volumes of his perverse mind. As a deterrent to the so-called elite, Aydin should be slapped with the harshest punishment possible. I salute the women who dared to speak out and expose a pervert.

From Mr M Chelliah


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