How you can save the Earth
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The UAE government is making it accessible for everyone to read books (“Video: All you need to know about the iconic new Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Dubai”, Gulf News, June 14). With the opening of the most extensive library, it is easy to access books and get a life away from the digital world, at least for a while. “Reading maketh a full man” - Francis Beacon. But it is the saddest fact of modern times that with extravagant technological advancement, the habit of reading books is almost extinct, which has made man half in understanding and shallow in approach. Therefore, it is necessary to take some immediate steps to revive and develop reading habits in the young generation. Otherwise, today’s generation is going to lack thinking skills. Now, they depend entirely mainly on technology, which has made them superficial in their approach to their life and the world around them.

From Mr Riaz Hussain

Ajman, UAE

We have only one planet

If the scorching heat and soaring temperatures didn’t already tell you, summer is here (“Scorching summer heatwave throws Britain into more chaos”, Gulf News, July 16). We live on this planet as if we have another planet to live on. It is the 21st century, the digital age, and it is so easy to open a new blank document if the previous one wasn’t working on par with our devious minds, right? Well, we have advanced, computers have advanced, and even science has developed, but none to the level that we can create a new planet, considering the pollution with which we destroy this one. The faster we fathom this, the better chance we stand. I know such reminders to look at the Earth’s condition are often snoozed, but not this time. I want to remind you that this is a vicious cycle we are stuck in. The more heated the environment becomes, the more air conditioners we need; the more we use, the warmer the planet becomes. You hold in your hands the opportunity to act upon this wake-up call. Humankind can’t fall back on a plan B this time, and the extinction of life from the Earth is inevitable, and these are the words of the world-renowned cosmologist and professor, Sir Stephen Hawking. One may argue frivolously that the planet isn’t living, but it undoubtedly sustains life. Since the start of time, we have tried to exploit the Earth’s resources for our extravagant wants, leaving its flora and fauna to perish. To put this into perspective for the maths geeks: The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Let’s scale that to 46 years, and we have been here for four hours; our industrial revolution began one minute ago, and, in that time, we have destroyed more than 50 per cent of the world’s forest cover, which isn’t sustainable. We must acknowledge that our actions matter. They count even if they go unnoticed; they matter even if they are cultural or societal norms. Let’s resolve to use less plastic. Use electric vehicles, you save on the petrol prices too. Ventilate your home to reduce the need for air-conditioning. By following these, you not only do your cardinal duty of protecting the earth but also can save money. The choice is ours.

From Mr Jash Mehta


Let’s all be a voice for the Earth!

Can we imagine a house without foundation? Pencils without erasers? Phones without their chargers? (“UAE: Sadhguru addresses soil degradation issues in Dubai at Gulf News event”,Gulf News, May 20). Of course not! So, do you think we can imagine a world without soil? It is impossible! Studies say that it can take more than 500 years to form one inch of topsoil. The soil forms a base for all the natural and artificial processes. Soils filter surface water of dust, chemicals and other contaminants, which is why underground water is one of the cleanest water sources. From giving shelter to the earthworms and other microorganisms, soil does it all. It’s an utter miracle that soil helps support life from dead matters. For example, the microorganisms decompose the dead and decaying matter, and their nutrition help other living organisms to live. The soil acts as a medium for many life and death cycles; life starts from the soil and goes back into the soil.

Save soil is a global movement launched by Sadhguru to address the soil crisis by bringing together people from around the world, to stand up for soil health. It supports leaders of all nations to institute national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content in cultivable soil. This way, we can do a small part towards saving mother Earth.

From Ms Vaisuruthi Mahendran Radha


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