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UAE: COVID-19 vaccination drive

UAE has been leading the world in ensuring that the population is protected from COVID-19 ("COVID-19: Dubai Health Authority starts administering the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine", Gulf News, January 14). Since March, the government has been regularly monitoring the situation by taking appropriate steps to ensure that disease spread is controlled. And now the country has embarked on one of the most extensive vaccination drives in the world. The best part about the drive is that it is ensuring everyone gets vaccinated. Where else would you find free vaccination centres on such a large scale? It is giving priority to frontline workers and people who are dealing with customers. It is indeed appreciated that the government is prioritising the people's health and taking steps to prevent the spread of the diseases and is protecting the highly vulnerable category by ensuring that they are vaccinated to move freely. The free vaccination drive is a boon, especially for blue-collar workers, who would find it difficult to take the initiative to get the vaccine. The UAE is showing the world how a pandemic can be handled without compromising on the country's safety. I salute the leaders' foresightedness.

From Mr Prasad Warrier


COVID vaccine shot

I took the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine this afternoon ("COVID-19 vaccine in the UAE: Get vaccinated for free at these locations in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain", Gulf News, January 11). Getting the shot itself at Mediclinic, Dubai mall was about a 40 minutes process in all. I know I still need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. However, I feel safer and more confident. I have done it for myself. You have probably taken vaccinations, and polio drops umpteen times. Has anyone ever asked as to which country it was manufactured in and what the efficacy percentage is? For centuries vaccines have been the answer, and this time it will be no different. Stop spreading rumours. The whole world is working to roll out a vaccination programme for the good of humanity.

From Mr Michael Guzder


E-books v print

'I do believe that something very magical can happen when you read a book'- This is a famous quote from JK Rowling "(Watch: UAE residents are reading more books and cutting back on screen time during a pandemic", Gulf News, November 05). Nowadays, many children prefer e-books over regular books. In my opinion, I feel that people should focus more on traditional books instead. A study showed that readers could recall information conveyed to them in a printed book far better than those reading the same book on an e-book. This meant that the readers of the traditional books enjoyed the book more as they were keeping up with the plots and twists of the story. Reading books impacts the reader on how they express themselves while improving their communication skills and opening their mind to new ideas. It offers them a chance to broaden their minds and increase their creativity. I chose to write on this topic because I have a million books, and my mother keeps telling me to buy an e-book instead. Holding a book in hand, the smell of the pages, the feel of the binding, and flipping through pages is a beautiful feeling that lacks in a digital device. Keeping traditional books is like your very own collection. Each book is different and has a mind-blowing backstory.

From Ms Zanetta Suri


Facing the pandemic

Whenever we face a problem, it is typical human behaviour to start thinking about its negative outcomes. But, this pandemic taught me so many things including how to remain positive and to spread positivity around me as it was vital for my survival in these tough times. Everything is a phase, and nothing is permanent in life, not even difficult times. The challenging times will pass, and they come to teach you the importance of being grateful, better prioritise our lives, and persevere through positive thinking. Initially, I was very upset and wanted to get out of this unusual dreadful stillness of life. After days of uneasiness and waiting for things to go back to normal, I finally decided to accept things as they are. Sometimes as we wait for the universe to help us, we often fail to realise that only we can help ourselves. No matter how small or big your step may seem to the world if it can support you in maintaining peace within yourself, there is nothing more gratifying than that. Wherever you are in life, you must understand that your mindset determines your victory.

From Mr Shereef Mohamed


Cricket: India dismiss Australia for 369 runs

It is really great that our bowlers were able to bowl out the Australian players for 369 runs on day two ("Unlikely heroes Sundar and Thakur are the order of the day for India against Australia", Gulf News January 17). But for the dropped catches, they could have been bowled out below 300 runs. Now it is up to our batsmen to play patiently to score runs to pressure the Aussie bowlers. Let us wait and watch. It is heartening to see that two players from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have debuted for a Test match. Hats off to T Natarajan for creating a history of being the first Indian cricketer to make his international debut in all three forms of cricket during the same tour. Both Natarajan and Washington Sundar have overcome the baptism by fire to share six wickets and proved their worth by restricting the Aussies to 369.

From Mr N V Krishnan


India v Australia Test Series

The editorial 'Test of character' is bang on target ("India willing to be patient with Rishabh Pant after Sydney heroics", Gulf News, January 12). After our Indian team rare the debacle at Adelaide and their strong comeback Test at Melbourne to level the series one-all, Rahane and his boys have shown real character during the Sydney test series, too. This draw at Sydney is a cricket test, and a hard-fought one exemplifies our players' spirit of unwillingness to accept defeat. Hats off to Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari, who dented every attempt of the ever unsporting Aussie players, who tried every trick to unsettle our batsmen to win the Test. It seems Steve Smith continues with his 'Brain Fade', which is an inborn quality. He tried to hoodwink Pant with his antics to prove that they cannot change their habits. I hope the International Cricket Council will take suitable action to end such sinister acts and ensure that the 'gentleman game' tag remains intact.

From Mr N Mahadevan


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