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Living in a pandemic

This pandemic is causing uncertainty and agitation amongst billions of people all over the world (“Coronavirus: 10 science-backed ways to find happiness during trying times”,, May 18). Life as we know has turned upside down. Things are not the same anymore. It takes time for human beings to adapt to such changes. We need patience and hope.

A moment like this will go down in history. Future generations will be studying about the 2020 pandemic in history lessons, how numerous students across the globe graduated online, but they will also study about the boon in the economy and life after the pandemic. We get through this together by staying at home and protecting the wellbeing of others. Children in the future will study about all the innovative ideas people came up with while sitting at home. They will learn the value of touch.

There are two ways to look at life. I’m a university student and having campuses shut down mid-semester was not the happiest moment in my life. I miss everything about university, from my friends to even my lectures, but here I am looking at the glass half empty. There is also a glass half full aspect to this. I see opportunities stemming from this situation, like spending quality time with myself and honing skills I thought were too time consuming before. From baking to taking online courses, the list is endless.

I am learning to appreciate the little things, the little moments spent with my family and the many Zoom calls with friends. At the end of the day, we need to remember that we are all in this together and this is not the end. We are just being asked to hit the “snooze” button and to reflect. We will resume our normal lives very soon with each other’s support. Remember, this is the time to do what you love, whether it is just watching Netflix, eating and sleeping. The key focus here should be to come out of this happy and alive.

From Ms Pashmeen Singh

Coronavirus and the economy

The warning of World Economic Forum about the recession is something people predicted (“Coronavirus impact: 'It’s clear we have entered recession,' says IMF chief”, Gulf News, March 27). The economy will be greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. After years the world is going to have to face another recession due to this coronavirus. This is a sad state of affairs.

From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

A pug who has preliminarily tested positive for the coronavirus, getting swabbed while Sydney McLean, right, holds him. Image Credit: NYT

Salute to healthcare professionals

Every doctor and every nurse is playing an extraordinary role, in their fight against the current situation (“COVID-19 frontline workers in Dubai to get 10-year visa”, Gulf News, May 13). They need to take extra care of themselves. I salute the frontline soldiers – all the doctors, nurses and paramedics in hospitals, as well as the other support staff and technicians risking their lives.

From Mr M. Kamil Orakzai
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Pataal Lok
Pataal Lok Image Credit: Supplied

Standing up for ‘Paatal Lok’

I think the allegations that the new show ‘Paatal Lok’ is offensive, is rubbish (“Anushka Sharma’s new web series ‘Paatal Lok’ slammed”, Gulf News, May 17). In my opinion it is a brilliant show, and I enjoyed every aspect of it. Also, it sheds light on various social issues like children in India growing up on the streets, the religious tension prevalent in the country, and fake news and media manipulation. I think people should not miss it.

From Mr Subhash Rajan
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Why is ‘Paatal Lok’ slammed?

I think the actors performed excellently in the show ‘Paatal Lok’. It had a good script. I don’t understand the controversy around the show. It's just a story. The theme is about news channels in India and politics, that's all.

From Mr Zubair Mohammad
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