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#JUSTICEFORMARWAH: Crimes against children in Pakistan

The most recent heinous crime of child abuse case, Marwah’s torched body found a few days ago in Karachi is yet another case, in a long line of similar crimes being committed all over Pakistan with alarming frequency (“#JusticeForMarwah: Torched body of five-year-old rape victim found in Karachi, Pakistan, residents protest on the streets”, Gulf News, September 07). These tragic incidents, especially during the pandemic, appear on the news and get a lot of attention for a few days, and then are never again mentioned.

Last year a child was raped 100 times inside a Madrassa, and survived, but his story is never mentioned, anymore. No one knows what happened to the poor child. Recently, two children were discovered chained by their stepmother and in a malnourished condition at their home in Karachi. Still, instead of providing immediate medical aid, they were kept at the Edhi Centre, a non-profit social welfare organisation in Pakistan, and then handed back to the stepmother. One can only imagine the horrors and despair they face. No one ever does anything to hear the silent screams of these victims who go through these horrific experiences alone, unchecked and unresolved.

The top leadership should consider the menace of child abuse, violence against women, honour killings, child pornography and other grave crimes that are rampant in the country, as urgent and of high importance. They should intervene promptly, issue a strong statement, follow it up with severe punishments, as some other countries have implemented. Also, introduce monitoring, investigating and spreading awareness against the occurrence of all such serious crimes that are gaining alarming proportions.

Immediate, strong and effective action against the perpetrators should be enforced. I recall some cases of a similar nature in Dubai a few years ago, and the way the top leaders swiftly and effectively meted out justice against those responsible. I wish Pakistan would look up to the UAE, in dealing with such cases.

From Ms Umbereen Rahman

Karachi, Pakistan

Cricket: Yuvraj Singh’s ploy to play T20 World Cup?

This letter is in reference to your report that former Indian all-rounder, Yuvraj Singh has decided to come out of his retirement and that he has changed his mind at the request of Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) (“ Cricket: Yuvraj Singh decides to come out of retirement to play for Punjab”, Gulf News, September 10). Ironically, Yuvraj Singh has agreed to resume playing for the state only in the T20 format. This clearly goes to show that it is nothing but a ploy to play in the next year T20 World Cup to be played in Australia, which will definitely deprive a place for one of our promising and budding young cricketers, to achieve his dreams to play for the country. Incidentally, though Mahendra Singh Dhoni is more qualified than Singh and had a good chance to be selected, wisely he has taken the right decision to quit at the right time.

From Mr N Mahadevan

Chennai, India

Extreme poverty in Zimbabwe is triggering suicides

Many fathers in Zimbabwe are committing suicide, and have been stripped naked by the economic hardships. They are struggling to fulfil their responsibilities of raising and providing for their families. Zimbabwe faces hyperinflation that will collapse the economy, and high unemployment has caused too much-distressed fathers in the country. The extreme poverty caused by the failure of the Zimbabwean government to raise standards of living has caused many fathers to commit suicides because they are hopeless, powerless and shameful. As we acknowledge, recognise, celebrate, and honour World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, let us remember Zimbabweans who have been pushed beyond their limits and are considering suicides as the last options.

From Mr Kudzai Chikowore

London, United Kingdom

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