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DHA to install smart chairs at health centres

Non-invasive screening facility measures vital parameters such as temperature, blood pressure, fatigue index and the like in just 7 minutes

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Dubai: Dubai Health Authority will install automatic health screening chairs in primary health centres, officials said on Sunday. The Self Assesment Tool or Automated Assessment Chair (AAC) will provide a detailed screening of a person’s health in just seven minutes.

Amani Al Jasemi, head of IT at DHA, said: “This non-invasive screening facility measures the vital parameters such as temperature, blood circulation, blood pressure, stress levels, fatigue index, and peripheral blood flow that gives a warning of plaque formation along with Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), fat composition, et., through infra-red rays.”

Manoj Menon, Head of Dubai Innovation Centre who has patented the chair, said a new version of the chair that will be able to detect hormonal imbalances as well will be made available at all primary health centres soon.

“Currently an earlier version of the chair is available at the Nad Al Hammar Primary Health Centre. From November onwards we are making this screening tool more interactive. The app will be made available for individuals undergoing screening on the chair and it will track behavioural changes in the person such as impact of either smoking or alcohol consumption or starting of a diet and exercise programme. It will also make provision for entering laboratory results; so based on these additional parameters, the AAC will be able to give out the top three health concerns of the particular individual. Based on the results, the system will recommend an evidence-based health and wellness programme for that individual. For instance, many people prefer Pilates to Yoga or walking against running. Based on personal preferences and other body analysis data, the AAC-linked app will be able to tailor an accurate programme,” he said.

Menon added that the AAC is currently working on a interactive Microsoft platform and that the app that to be launched in November would be made available on Android and Apple phones.

One of the more successful launches last week from DHA was DAMMI, or the blood donation app, which interlinks donors and recipients facilitating quick blood donation at the Dubai Blood Donation Centre. Citing the launch as successful, Dr May Raouf director of the Centre promoting the app at Gitex said: “Within less than a fortnight we already have 800 subscribers to the app and many more are downloading it. The app has made the donor registration formalities easier and we are also able to send notifications about blood donation campaigns and other news to the app users. We also are able to notify them of specific blood group needs and I am confident that the new app will soon provide us with a large database of donors.”