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Qatar institute hailed for stem cell research centre

Country hopes to move from a carbon-based economy to a knowledge-based economy

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Manama: Qatar Biomedical Research Institute officials have expressed confidence that recent world exposure would boost their new stem cell centre and stimulate the country’s transition to a knowledge-based economy.

“The global community of stem cell researchers now knows that a world-class stem cell research centre has been established in Doha as part of Qatar’s commitment to move from a carbon-based economy to a knowledge-based economy,” Dr Abdul Ali Haoudi, QBRI acting executive director, said. “Each year, the International Society of Stem Cell Research [ISSCR] conference showcases the most up-to-date discoveries made in various stem cell research labs around the world.”

QBRI, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, has sent a delegation to the ISSCR conference in Yokohama, Japan, to gain international exposure for the institute’s new stem cell centre and to recruit scientists and post-doctoral researchers for its stem cell programme.

Mohammad Emara, the head of a research programme in stem cell research at QBRI, attended the scientific sessions and led recruiting efforts at the conference.

Marketing staff members Cherryl Madrelejo and Bradley Steffens who held the QBRI exhibition booth, reported that 110 visitors expressed interest in working with QBRI.

“Scientists in the field, including the current and previous presidents of ISSCR, are very excited about the initiation of the stem cell research programme in Qatar,” Emara said. “They are looking forward to our active participation in stem cell research and our contributions to the field. In addition, many of them are very interested in scientific collaboration.”