Haramain mecca medina high speed train
Haramain speed train at Rabigh Station in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia September 18, 2018. Picture taken September 18, 2018. Image Credit: REUTERS/Stephen Kalin

Dubai: During Umrah, one of the convenient ways to travel between Mecca and Medina is on the Haramain High-Speed Railway, which is one the top 10 fastest electric trains in the world.

The Haramain Highspeed Railway was inaugurated in 2018 and is a 450-kilometre route that links travellers from Mecca to Medina, passing through and stopping in the city of Jeddah as well.

So, if you are looking for a fast and comfortable journey between the two cities, here is all you need to know about the Haramain high-speed railway.


Haramain High Speed Railway Train Stations

Here are the locations of the train stations:

1. Mecca Haramain High Speed Railway Station, located in Al Rasaifah district. It is approximately 6km away from the Grand Mosque in Mecca
2. Jeddah Al-Sulaymaniyah Station, in An Naseem district.
3. Jeddah Airport Haramain High Speed Railway Station - the station is located in the main airport terminal of King Abdulaziz International Airport.
4. Rabigh Station - King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) Haramain High Speed Railway Station at Hejaz Gate of King Abdullah Economic City.
5. Madinah Haramain High Speed Railway Station, located in Al Hadra District. It is approximately 10km away from the Prophet’s [PBUH] mosque in Medina.

Haramain High Speed Railway timetable
Here’s how you can check the train timetable online:
• Visit this link: https://sar.hhr.sa/timetable# and enter your arrival and departure destination, and the date.
• Click ‘search’.
• The website will then show you the timetable for the trains for the day.
Haramain mecca medina high speed train saudi
Wire photo from 2018 showing the interiors of the Haramain Highspeed Railway train Image Credit: REUTERS/Stephen Kalin

How much does a ticket cost?

The train tickets come in two categories - Business Class and Economy Class.

Ticket cost for Mecca to Medina:

From SR172.50 (168.91) to SR224.25 (Dh219.59) for economy class.
From SR362 (Dh354.47) for business class.

You can also take the Haramain train to travel to Jeddah, as the train stops in the city at two locations – the airport and the Haramain Al Sulaymaniyah station in the An Naseem district. The ticket from Mecca to Jeddah will cost between SR46 (Dh45) and SR201 (Dh196.82), depending on travel class.

From Medina to any of the three stations in Jeddah, the ticket prices can range from SR115 (Dh112) to SR316 (Dh309.43). 

The cost of the tickets not only depend on the travel class, but also the number of stops in between and the timings. 

Discounted train tickets for children

Children from the ages of two to 12 years old can receive discounts on their fare. Children traveling in Economy Class are entitled to a 50 per cent discount and children traveling in Business Class can get 40 per cent discount on the fare. Adults travelling with an infant under the age of two are entitled to a 90 per cent discount on the fare.

Haramain mecca medina high speed train
Saudi people buy tickets for the new Haramain speed train at King Abdullah Economic City, near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia September 18, 2018. Picture taken September 18, 2018. REUTERS/Stephen Kalin Image Credit: REUTERS/Stephen Kalin

Booking tickets for Haramain High Speed Railway

According to Haramain High Speed Railway’s website - sar.hhr.sa, it is recommended to book your tickets online, however you can buy a ticket at the station but there will be limited seats.

Here’s how you can book your tickets in advance through the website:

Step 1: Select your destination

• Visit the website - sar.hhr.sa, and on the websites homepage click on ‘Travel’ and select ‘Book a Seat’ from the drop-down menu.
• Next, you will be transferred to the ticket booking platform. You will be asked to wait for a few minutes on the site because there is an online queue. Once it’s clear the page will automatically refresh, and you can begin buying the tickets.
• Choose if this trip is one-way or a round-trip.
• Select you arrival and departure location.
• Select the date.
• Select the number of passengers.

Next, tap the ‘Search Now’ button.

Step 2: Choose your seat

• The website will then show you the train timings and seats available for that date.
• Select a date, and select whether you want to travel by business or economy class. The ticket cost for each travel class will also be listed.
• If you are taking a round-trip, follow the first two steps for your return journey as well.
• Once you have selected the dates, click on the ‘Next’ button.
• Then, choose your seat.
• After selecting a seat, click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Enter passenger details and contact information

• Enter Full name
• Date of Birth
• Gender

Select Document type and enter number and expiry date:
• Iqama for Saudi residents and citizens
• GCC ID for GCC citizens
• Passport for international passengers.
• Select your nationality.
• After entering the passenger details, enter your contact information.

Step 4: Make the payment

After entering your personal information, tap the ‘Pay’ button. You will then be redirected to a payment channel to enter your credit or debit card details.
Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive your tickets via email.

Baggage policy

According to the Haramain High Speed Railway website, each passenger can bring one large sized piece of luggage weighing up to 25kg. The dimensions for the baggage need to be - 65cm x 55cm x 35cm (length-height-width).

Passengers are also allowed carry one extra hand luggage: backpack, laptop bag, camera bag, purse, nursery bag and any similar items.

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