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Dubai: As the UAE stepped up its fight against COVID-19 early last year, with the pandemic spreading across the world, there were several smart initiatives launched to assist people in receiving information and care related to COVID-19.

From booking appointments for a test or a vaccination, to getting virtual consultations with doctors in the UAE, these apps will help you navigate your requirements for dealing with COVID-19.

AlHosn UAE

alhosn uae
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The AlHosn UAE app is the official integrated digital platform for COVID-19 tests in the UAE through which individuals can receive COVID-19 test results on their smartphones.

It can also detect if the user has been in close proximity to people who have had contact with others infected with the COVID-19 virus, provided that they too have the same app downloaded on their phones. The detection can happen after the user activates their phone’s Bluetooth function.

Every user who downloads the app gets a unique QR code, which contains information about the user’s health. The app is encrypted and the data remains on the user's phone. Through this data, the competent health authorities can identify people who can transmit the virus and who could be at a risk of contracting the virus. They can then communicate with those at risk and re-test them.

Available for Apple and Android devices

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COVID-19 UAE is Ministry of Health and Preventions’ Official Mobile App on coronavirus management. The App provides you with real-time coronavirus stats in UAE in coordination with National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA).

The app also provides facility to request for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment and home visits for senior citizens of UAE.

Available for Apple and Android devices


Seha app Image Credit: Screenshot/Gulf News

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company Seha also has an app, which needs to be downloaded in case you want to book a COVID-19 test or vaccine, or receive the latest information and guidance on the virus. The app also provides information and services for general health requirements for Abu Dhabi visa holders.


DHA app
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The DHA app by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is one of the easiest ways in which you can book a COVID-19 test or vaccination along with providing updated and accurate information related to COVID-19.

The app also provides you with a vaccination card, with details of the vaccine that you have received. It gives you details of all the COVID-19 vaccination centres in Dubai operated by DHA, along with the vaccination centres where you can get the jab. The app has a pre-screening process, to ensure you fall under the categories that are eligible to receive the vaccination in the ongoing phase of the vaccination programme. Once you submit the details, you will then be able to select the vaccination centre closest to book an appointment.

Available for Apple and Android devices

COVID-19 – DXB Smart app

COVID-19 DXB smart app
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Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched this application to provide information about COVID-19 symptoms, how you can prevent yourself from it and what treatments can be adopted to reduce the risk.

The application gives real statistics from across the world and within the UAE and accurate COVID-19 related information to stop spreading fake stats, counter fake news and provide personalised support from designated paramedics in case you are infected by COVID-19.

It also helps them track quarantined patients registered with the app, using their location, if they move out of self-isolated or quarantined areas.

Passengers travelling to Dubai must also download the COVID19 – DXB Smart App

Available for Apple and Android devices

COVID19 - DXB Responder

COVID-19 DXB responder
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DHA has launched a smart application in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that will help you get information about COVID-19 Symptoms, how you can prevent yourself from it and what treatments can be adopted to reduce the risk.

This application will gives you real statistics worldwide and within United Arab Emirates, this is helping to stop spreading fake stats, counter fake news circulating and gives personalised support from designated paramedics in case you’re infected by COVID-19.

Available for Apple and Android devices

MOHAP Virtual Clini‪c

MOHAP Virtual clinic app
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Virtual Clinic App is an initiative of MOHAP to provide online doctor appointments by audio or video call using one’s mobile phone.

The service is also offered online here.

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By downloading the app, you can go through an online assessment by a chat bot, after which, if you are found to be in need of a doctor’s consultation, you will then be connected to a registered doctor who will provide you with the necessary consultation.