Renting in Dubai 2022: Here are six responsibilities every tenant should follow
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Dubai: If you are a tenant based in Dubai, you will have to register all the people who live with you in your home as part of an initiative by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

On September 23, DLD announced that all home owners and tenants are required to register all co-occupants of residential units in the Emirate, ‘to develop a comprehensive statistical record of all residents in Dubai properties to support government entities in responding to the evolving needs of citizens, residents and visitors’.

An email was sent by Dubai Land Department to tenants with the following message: “Dubai Land Department requests all the concerned entities (Owners, Developers, Property Management companies, tenants) to register the co-occupant details in the owned or leased properties within a maximum of two weeks with immediate effect.”

The registration process is quite simple and requires tenants to follow these steps:

1. Download the ‘Dubai REST’ app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices.
2. Once you open the app, you may see a message pop up with the notification: “All Dubai residents need to add their family members against their Ejari contract within two weeks, starting from September 23, 2022.” Click on Proceed.
3. The system will then ask you if you have registered previously as a user on the app. If you have, proceed to log in with your account details. If not, click on ‘Proceed to register’.
4. You will be given the option to register using either your Emirates ID, or your UID number, residence visa number or your UAE Pass.
5. Enter your personal like your date of birth, Emirates ID details, passport details and a copy of your Emirates ID.
6. Tap on ‘dashboard’ on the menu on the bottom of your screen and then tap on ‘units’. The app will show the details of the residential unit you have leased.
7. Tap on ‘Manage co-occupants’ and then enter the details of your family members who live with you, including their Emirates ID and Date of Birth.
8. Tap on ‘Verify’.
9. If you need to add more family members, click on ‘add more’.
10. Once you have added all the co-occupants on a lease, check the box that reads ‘I hereby confirm that the information provided herein is genuine’ and tap on ‘Submit’.