Hatta Wadi Hub
The Hatta bike trails are free to ride and are open all year round. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: If you are looking for a challenge this winter break, how about navigating the twists and turns of Hatta’s mountains on a bike?

You can visit the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail, which is open to cyclists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The trail consists of four distinct routes, which cater to all levels of ability. You can bring your own bike or rent a cycle on the spot.

How to get there

If you live in Dubai, you can take the ‘Hatta Express Bus’, which departs from the Dubai Mall bus station every two hours and gets you to Hatta in 90 minutes. Once you are at the Hatta Bus station, you can take the ‘Hatta On and Off bus (H04)’, which has a ticket price of Dh2 and takes you to the top tourist spots in Hatta, including the Moutain Bike Trail.

If you are driving to Hatta, you can reach the bike trail, which is located in the Hatta Wadi Hub, by driving down the E44 highway – the Dubai Hatta Road.

Take the exit from E44 when you see signs for the Hatta Wadi Hub, and then follow signs for the Mountain Bike Trail. There is parking available for people who are driving down to the trail.

How do I start the bike route?

If you have not brought your own mountain bike, you can rent one from the Mountain Bike Trail Centre.

The starting point for the trail is located at the main entrance of Hatta Wadi Hub. Once you are all geared up, select the route you wish to take - the bike trail comprises four routes that vary in degrees of difficulty.

1. Green Route – Easy Trail

• For beginners or novice cyclists
• Bike required – most bikes and mountain bike hybrids are suitable.

2. Blue Route – Moderate Trail

• For intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills.
• Bike required – basic mountain bike or mountain bike hybrid.

3. Red Route – Difficult Trail

• For proficient mountain bikers with good off-road skills.
• Bike required: quality off-road mountain bikes

4. Black – Severe Trail

• Expert mountain bikers are used to physically demanding routes.
• Bike required – a good quality off-road mountain bike is needed.

Free entry

There is no entry fee and you can rent a bike from Dh65 to Dh85, depending on the type and Dh150 to rent an e-bike.

Is there an age requirement?

According to Visit Hatta, individuals have to be 10 years old and above and have a minimum height of 120cm.

Four routes of the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail

The starting point of the trail, which is located at the Main Entrance of Hatta Wadi Hub, has a detailed map of all the routes and their directions.

Each of the routes are colour-coded and have arrows that point towards each of their direction.


Every day from 6am to 6pm.

Tips to keep in mind

According to Visit Hatta, here are a few tips you should follow to ensure you have a safe journey:

Before you start:

• Inform a friend or family member about where you intend to hike.
• Carry a trail map.
• Carry the right equipment.
• Have your mobile phone fully charged.
• Study and match the colour-coded system of the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail to your physical ability.

On the trail:

• Always wear the right clothing and safety gear.
• All trails are designed as a one-way system, please follow the route and direction arrows.
• Always follow the official signage and directions and look for warning signs.
• Only tackle trail features (jumps, ramps, bridges).
• Expect the unexpected and watch out for other riders.
• Always be polite to other riders.
• Faster riders - please inform the rider ahead of your intentions to overtake.
• Train before embarking on the difficult and technical routes.

After the trail:

• Keep the parking area clean and tidy.
• Use the designated toilet and shower facilities.
• Throw trash in designated areas.