Safa Park
Dubai Municipality has introduced new self-service payment machines at major parks in Dubai. Visitors can use their mobile wallet or credit/debit card to pay for the entrance fee. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: If you have visited a major public park in Dubai recently, you may have noticed a new ticket machine near the ticket office at the entrance. The new smart ticketing system, introduced by Dubai Municipality, now allows visitors to use their phone, credit or debit card to pay for entrance fees, and it was first introduced in October 2023 at Safa Park.

The new service has now been rolled out to major public parks in Dubai, such as Zabeel Park, Mamzar Beach Park and Creek Park. The self-service machine allows visitors to use their phone, credit or debit card to pay for tickets, or you can purchase the tickets in cash at the counter, too.

However, it is important to note that the Quranic Park in Al Khawaneej continues to only accepts nol cards, according to the Dubai Municipality’s customer service centre.

How will visitors pay for tickets at Dubai public parks now?

Previously, park-goers had the option to pay for the entry fee with their nol card and scan it over an e-gate machine to enter the park. Now, it has been replaced with a Quick Response (QR) code printed on a paper ticket, issued by the smart ticket machines or at the ticket counter if you are paying in cash.

How to use the new smart ticket machines at Dubai Public parks

The smart ticketing machines are located near the park entrances. Once you are there, follow these steps:

1. Select your language – Arabic or English – on the display screen of the self-service machine and then select the option - 'Entry Tickets'
2. Enter the number of visitors you wish to pay for and then tap ‘Next’.
3. Tap the ‘Pay by Card’ button. Then you will have the option to insert your credit or debit card in the slot, or use Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay.
4. Once the payment is approved, you will get a printout of the receipt with a Quick Response (QR) code.
5. Place the QR code over the e-gate machine reader, wait for the light to turn green and enter the park.


Dubai Public Park entry fees

• Al Mamzar Beach Park - Dh5 per person or Dh30 per car
• Zabeel Park – Dh5 per person
• Creek Park – Dh5 per person
• Mushrif Park - Dh3 per person or Dh10 per car
• Safa Park – Dh3 per person

The entry is free for children under the age of two and for people of determination

The Quranic Park (payment still needs to be done through nol card):

• Glass House - Dh5 per person
• Cave of Miracles - Dh5 per person

The story was first published on November 9, 2023 and has been updated since.