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Getting a facial can be a trust exercise if it’s not something you’re used to. You want to see results, but you also don’t want to damage your skin with the wrong treatment. Trying out the mesotherapy facial at Nova Clinic was one such exercise in faith.

The treatment involves a micro-needling device that creates tiny channels in the skin so that the serums applied can penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers. If your heart skipped a beat at micro-needling device, I’m here to tell you it isn’t that bad.

The Nova Clinic is a modern, friendly space that makes me feel like I’m in safe hands right from the get go. The aesthetician, Jessica, is a true professional and explains what’s going to happen in a simple way.

After a thorough cleansing, the main event is about to take place. I’m told to expect a bit of pain as the needle device passes over the skin. In some areas, such as around the mouth, it does sting a bit. However, it isn’t so painful that I feel like pausing.

Once the needling treatment is over, Jessica applies a multi-vitamin serum on my face and leaves it on as a mask for a relaxing few minutes. Once I’m done, she makes sure to apply a sun screen on my face and sends me on my way.

Right after the treatment, I’m already surprised by how soft and smooth my skin feels. In the next couple of days, this softness is even more apparent. My skin also looks brighter and more clear.

While the mesotherapy facial does sound like an intense procedure, it’s quite mild on the skin while still delivering visible results. I would imagine that repeated treatments would mean more pronounced benefits — some of which include reduced wrinkles and lightening of pigmentation.

Another aspect of the treatment that was a plus point was how calming the aesthetician, Jessica, was. She didn’t offer me any unsolicited advice, or make me feel uncomfortable about my less than perfect skin, which I appreciate.

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Where: Nova Clinic, Al Wasl Road

Price: Dh850